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School's Out Hopkinton

What is School’s Out and why is it important?  School’s Out educators partner with families and schools to invest in the whole child using exciting hands-on activities that engage children, foster positive growth and healthy development, while balancing the needs of their minds, bodies, and spirits. School’s Out encourages freedom and exploration with support and structure. Children enrolled in the program get plenty of exercise, enjoy the fresh air by being outside along with having time to complete their homework and participate in brain building activities. Research shows that physical activity and exposure to natural environments improve brain development, enhances learning, improves memory and builds physical and emotional health.* This makes for happy kids and happy parents.

Who: Children who attend Center, Elmwood and Hopkins Elementary schools.

Where: AM care will take place at Hopkinton Center for Arts and PM care will take place at the Family Outdoor Center with an available PM pickup location at HCA.


Before School starting at 7:30am
After school starting at school release – 6:30 p.m.
2, 3, 4, & 5 day options, early release days included.
Vacation & snow day programming available.

Activities include:
• Homework support 
• Healthy snacks
• Physical fitness 
• STEM and ELA
• Wellness/nutrition 
• Arts education
• 21st Century Skills and leadership development 
• College & career exploration 
• Global & service learning 
· Outdoor education and activities including archery, rock climbing, nature trails and more

Why the Y?
• Nurturing and safe environment in a convenient location
• Experience new opportunities & make new friends
• Improve academic success and social skills
• Build confidence and self-efficacy
• Activities linked to school curriculum
• Trained and experienced Y educators

The Benefits of School’s Out

  • Experiencing new opportunities
  • Building confidence and self efficacy
  • Developing an understanding of conservancy and appreciation for the great outdoors
  • Instilling a sense of community through service
  • Improving academic success and social skills Peace of mind  - your child is safe, having fun, and growing

The Value of School’s Out

  • Academic & enrichment activities, including STEM, Cooking, 21st Century Skills and homework help
  • Healthy snacks & Physical fitness
  • Transportation provided from school
  • Early release, vacation, & snow day programs           
  • Onsite adventure activities such as archery, rock climbing, nature trails, geo-caching, adventure course, and end of school year swim lessons are included are included



  • Improved concentration. Children focus better after being outdoors
  • Developing an understanding of conservancy and appreciation for the great outdoors
  • Improving academic success and social skills
  • Experiencing new adventures
  • Nature's Healing Powers—It seems that just being out in nature does your body, mind and soul some good
  • Appreciation for Planet Earth

Interested in learning more about School’s Out?
Contact: Shannon at 
508-435-9345 X115