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Summer Camp

Camp Registration & Billing Changes


Change Camp Enrollment Requests

Add Camp Weeks, Bus, or Extended Care
You can do this yourself online or in-person at a branch.  

Cancel & Switch to a Different Week(s)
You make the additions and the camp office makes the cancelations.  First, register online yourself or at a branch for the new week(s) of camp you need to add or switch to.  Then fill out the below form for what you want to cancel.  

Cancel Camp Weeks, Bus, or Extended Care
To cancel programs click the correct camp link below to fill out an online cancelation request form.  A few key refund policy items to note:

  • The deposit is non-refundable 
  • If the date is before April 1st we will apply your transferrable deposit as credit against remaining camp payments or invoices. 
  • After April 1st your deposit is non-transferable.
  • Any remaining paid fees are refundable through May 31st. 
  • After May 31st any fees paid are non-refundable.  

  Hopkinton Camps 

  Gymnastics, Clearbrook, and My First Summer Camps

  Camp OCP and Y STEM Camp



Change An Existing Billing Method or Credit Card

If you are already registered and need to change your billing method or credit card attached to an Auto-Charge please choose the camp option below for the location your child attends.  This will open up a change billing request form.  If your child is at multiple locations, choose just one link below and we will apply the change to all.

Hopkinton Camps 

Gymnastics, Clearbrook, and My First Summer Camps

Camp OCP and Y STEM Camp



Camp Office Teams


Camp Registration Contact Hopkinton Camps
Matt Donato, Business Manager & Camp Registrar
508-435-9345 x110


Camp OCP, Y STEM Camp, Oak Street Productions including LITs and CITs​
Kathleen Glennon, Director of Family Services
(508) 879-4420 x246


Gymnastics Camp, My First Summer, Camp Clearbrook including LIT & CIT​
Arlete Wilson
(508) 879 4420 x 223