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Rally Ride Raise! Expresso Rally for the Y

February 1-28th

Join us in February while we Rally together, Ride Expresso Bikes (interactive bikes in the wellness center), and Raise awareness about the programs your fundraising supports, while competing against hundreds of Ys around the globe. 

For the past four years, together, more than 330 riders collectively rode more than 31,000 miles, raising more than $67,000 for education and health and wellness programs, helping us come in second place each year. 

What does this mean? 

It means we came together as a community.

It means we can be there for our neighbors and families, when they need us most. 

What these past few years have made clear is the importance of connection and involvement in the local community. We all need community. We are built to seek connection. This Expresso Rally supports building community within the Y as well as throughout our service area. Join us in 2022, find your "Y" and help us Rally Ride and Raise.

How can you get involved?

1) Register to ride, click hereIf you already have an account simply log in. If you are a new rider create an account. Then, starting February 1-28th, every mile you ride earns 10 cents from Expresso and $2 from an anonymous sponsor. Those miles add up quick and not only are you improving your health, you are improving the health of our community. Win. Win. 

2) Support a rider, click here and find your rider. You can support your rider by sponsoring them per mile or a flat rate. However you chose to do it, it helps motivate them and the funds support programs that have direct impacts on people in the community. 

3) Sponsor the Rally, contact Amy Miller at

Thank you for however you play your role, riding, sponsoring, encouraging, and/or donating! We are stronger together!


Please contact Amy Miller for information about the Rally or if you would like to hear about other ways you can participate in supporting the Y.

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