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Health & Wellness Classes

at the Family Outdoor Center

Pilates, Ages 14+

Controlled movements focusing on the core muscles to increase total body strength and flexibility. Pilates can be standing and floor exercises.  Please be sure to bring your own mat. This class will be held in Hayes Lodge at the Family Outdoor Center.(8 week class)
Rythym & Flow Pilates
Thursdays 9:15-10:15am 
Saturdays from 8:30am - 9:30am 
Saturdays from 9:45 - 10:45am
Member: $68 | Youth & Teen: $70| Non-Member $140

Intro To Meditation & Mindfulness

Enjoy an evening of relaxation to de-stress the mind and body. Increasingly, the benefits of the ancient practices of meditation and mindfulness are being substantiated by modern science. In this class we will explore a sampling of meditations and breathing techniques aimed to ground your emotions, center the mind, and increase your awareness of yourself and your environment. You will be supplied with effective tools to add to your daily routine to help you to live your best life in today’s fast paced world.  Please bring your own mat.
Adults (18+): Wednesday, February 27th 6-7pm 
                       Wednesday, March 13th 6-7pm
Teens(13-17):Tuesday, February 26th 6-7pm
Member: $10 | Youth & Teen: $12| Non-Member $20

Family Yoga & Brunch

Participating Adult(s) with Children Ages 6+
Saturday, March 30
Saturday, April 13
11:00am – 1:30pm 
The whole family will join us for 30min of Family Yoga, then cook brunch in The Teaching Kitchen, and finally relax and enjoy!  A fantastic way to bring your whole family together, introduce kids (and adults!) to kid-friendly yoga, and learn to cook a healthy meal. 
Member: $20 | Youth & Teen: $21| Non-Member $25 

Eating for Weight Loss or Weight Maintenance

This NEW class is an introductory class for those interested in learning how to cook healthy meals designed to assist in weight loss. For 18 and older.
Tuesday, 2/26 – Intro to Meal Prep: You will take home a week’s 4 days’ worth of meals prepared during the session. This class will provide basic kitchen skills, weekly planning tools, and recipes curated by a dietitian!  
5:00-7:00pm, $35 member/$70 non-member 
Tuesday, 3/12 – Eat Smart: Design meals to help you feel full on less. This will teach you how to pair meals and snack to satiate as well as address proper portion sizes for weight control. This will include cooking an amazing healthy dinner! 
5:30-7:00pm, $30 member/$60 non-member
Tuesday, 3/26 – Spice up your Vegetables! Did you know we are supposed to eat 5 servings of fruits & vegetables a day? This  workshop is a guide to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into the meals you are already making! Recipes include smoothies, roasted vegetables, and hummus!
5:30-700pm, $30 member/$60 non-member.