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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is a great way to expose our youth to new and exciting material that they won't learn in a normal classroom setting. We offer half day, full day and multi-day outdoor education programs in a wide variety of subjects to give your school group or team a chance to get outside and learn about the world around them!

Class Offerings

Survival Skills

This class focuses on what it would be like to be in a survival situtation. We will teach the class about the 7 priorities of survival and how to prepare and prevent themselves from being in a survival scenario. 



Students will first be introduced to a compass and its different parts. After they have learned how to use a compass and to read bearings, we will embark on a quest through our orienteering course to find all the different spots and clues!


New to snowshoeing?  No problem, this course will help everyone learn how to select, put on and take off snow shoes.  Staff will then teach everyone how to properly travel up and down hills safely.  Once the group is comfortable with the shoes, an experience YMCA staff member will guide the group through a secenic trail where everyone can test out their new skills.

Fire Building

Learning how to safely and effectively build a fire is an important skill for those looking to go on adventures. This class will give students the opportunity to try out different techniques, including primitive methods, for building fires.


Animals and Their Habitats

Class participants will be brought through our property as we search on our trails for hints of wildlife. They will learn how to identify different signs of recent animal activity and hopefully get the chance to see evidence of a real life habitat. In the winter this class focuses on how animals adapt and prepare for the winter months. 

Open Activities


Snowshoeing is a great physical activity that is fun for everyone.  Participants can rent snowshoes and set off on a journey exploring the wonderful winter views.    



We provide everything you need to enjoy our 1.5 mile orienteering course.  This course allows participants to practice their orienteering skills while walking along the clearly marked forest trails.  


Abby Biser

Adventure & Outdoor Education Director


(508) 435-9345 x104

Abby comes to the YMCA with a range of skills learned as a teacher and facilitator in schools, and camp and wilderness education programs. She is driven to work towards growth and empowerment for the members of the YMCA community and beyond.  Abby graduated from Cornell College with a BA in Elementary Education and carries endorsements in English, biology, and special education.  Abby leads our outdoor education, team building, and ropes groups and manages our adventure classes, family events and programs, birthdays and facility rentals.

Participant Wavier

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