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Personal growth, increased self-esteem, and a heightened sense of one’s self is only the beginning.  Our challenge course programs offer team-buiding initiatives and low and high ropes elements that encourage individuals to step out of their comfort zones through situation-based challenges that lead to positive group and self-discovery.  


How does this work align with national standards?

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) and  the Collaborative for  Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) are the most widely recognized & simplest alignments with national standards. Speak with your FOC rep to talk about Physics, CAD, Mathematics and other core content area alignment.


Will you force anyone to climb?  What if someone is afraid of heights?  

Under no circumstance will anyone be forced to climb. Goals are set. Challenges and obstacles are discussed. Options and opportunities are given. Informed choices are made.

If someone is afraid of heights, discussion is had about a reasonable height which presents a challenge without pushing the person over the edge of their limits. Alternative participation may also be warranted.


Do you program without using the ropes course?

Absolutely, yes! Because adventure can be created in any unfamiliar setting, the cornerstones of the process can be applied anywhere – a field, a classroom, a car, a dining room table (where I once facilitated a game which became so raucous we were sweating just in our seats!)


You talked a lot about debriefing and learning and dialog...what if we just want to have fun?

Then we facilitate a program that is geared towards just that. Our programs fall on a spectrum of programming. We’ll met you where you are.


Are your staff able to respond to emergencies?

Every program Lead holds, at a minimum, first aid and CPR, though many Leads hold Wilderness First Aid/Responder certifications. We also strongly encourage groups to bring their school nurse or other staff member who is medically trained and who is more familiar with their groups’ needs. In the case of a serious injury, an emergency action plan is in place which includes calling in emergency medical systems and/or advanced life support.


Is it safe?

Inherent risk exists in all activities from sleeping to sky diving. “Safety” is relative. The challenge course industry 20 Year Safety Study indicates that climbing on a ropes course under the supervision of a qualified professional produces fewer injuries per participant hour than lawyers working at their own desks. The vast majority of injuries on a ropes course are incurred while playing “normal” games in the fields prior to entering the ropes course (e.g. tag/running games) and most often include minor scrapes, skinned knees, twisted ankles, and other minor injuries. Our staff are trained on a regular basis, and any time the ropes course is operating a rescue-trained professional is on-site.


Can I bring my own harness or helmet?

Participants may not wear their own harnesses or helmets. All equipment used on our courses is inspected by our team on a daily basis and annually by a Professional Vendor Member (PVM) of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). We are required to use only equipment which has been inspected by a qualified professional.


Do you share helmets? What about lice?

Helmets are shared. Lice is not transferred via inanimate objects. Click here for an informative article about head lice and improbability of transference via the use of climbing helmets.



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Abby Biser

Adventure & Outdoor Education Director

(508) 435-9345 x104

Abby comes to the YMCA with a range of skills learned as a teacher and facilitator in schools, and camp and wilderness education programs. She is driven to work towards growth and empowerment for the members of the YMCA community and beyond.  Abby graduated from Cornell College with a BA in Elementary Education and carries endorsements in English, biology, and special education.  Abby leads our outdoor education, team building, and ropes groups and manages our adventure classes, family events and programs, birthdays and facility rentals.

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