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Parent's Corner

Frequently Asked Questions


Registration, Billing & Admin

What if want my child in a traditional camp and a specialty camp during the same two-week session?
New this year, we will not be splitting any 2-week sessions.  Instead, we have increased the number of 1-week options for families to choose from!  With the exception of just a few two-week programs, all of our camps are now 1 week.


Can I register over the phone?
No, unfortunately, you can only register in-person at either branch or online.


Do I need to register for the bus if I'm in Framingham AM or PM care?
Nope, you are all set!  We have a special bus that our Framingham Extended Day AM and PM campers ride.  


Is there a sibling discount?
Unfortunately, we do not provide discounts for additional campers in the family.  We do provide reduced prices for our members and Financial Assistance for those who apply and qualify. 


How do I setup monthly payments for camp?
Follow a quick and easy 3-step process.  Start Here.

We can provide 2 different payment options.  One allows you to spread your payments for camps as follows: 

   May 15th - Draft date for all camp sessions with their first day in June

   June 15th - Draft date for all camp sessions with their first day in July

   July 15th - Draft date for all camp sessions with their first day in July


The other option will spread your payments out from the time of registration through May 15th.  For this option, please indicate so in the "comments" section on the online form.



Program Questions


Which camps do swim lessons and rec swim and which ones do only recreational swim?
Chipmunk, Scampers, Camp Carol, Bob O Link, Explorers, Bob White, Adventure, and All Sports do swim lessons for 30min four days a week, Monday through Thursday, and recreational swim five days a week Monday through Friday.  All other camps (less On-The-Road which does not stay on site) do recreational swim for 30min a day, five days a week.


What is the difference between Sports Camp and the Athletic Camps (Rookies, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Training Camps)?
Sports Camp is an all-around camp that does all sorts of sports and games for a majority of the day, swim lessons and rec swim daily, along with a taste of some traditional camp activities on site.  We use a healthy mix of skill-based sports and learning with fun and goofy camp sports that can only be found here (Empire Flag!).  Our Training Camps focus on one particular sport all week long and focus on skill development and coaching in a clinic-styled program.  Our goal is for campers to develop hard skills and hone them throughout the week.  Athletic Camps only do rec swim, no swim lessons, daily.  They also do traditional camp activities once a day just like Sports Camp.