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Together we can create a better us!

Our community and our world have undergone a challenge unlike any of us have seen before. Through the struggles and fears, we knew one thing to be true:

The YMCA’s mission is more relevant than ever.

Last spring, that meant moving beyond our walls to serve our neighbors. It meant personally calling our seniors to make sure they were OK. It meant offering child care in a completely new way. It meant making tough choices delivered with humility and compassion.

We could make that transition so quickly because this work is at the heart of what we do.

As we emerge from isolation, we are even more committed to helping restore the foundations of community. What does that look like today?

  • Helping people of all ages restore and sustain health, especially vulnerable populations
  • Offering safe spaces to for young and old connect and make friends
  • Helping young people be ready to learn
  • Building confidence and resilience in teens
  • Activating and growing our volunteer network
  • Supporting all our neighbors in rebuilding lives and livelihoods

This commitment will require the support of people as eager as we are to help everyone in our community grow healthy in spirit, mind and body.

Please join us as we build into our community, emerging from the crisis stronger for having lived through it.