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School’s Out Natick students “board” the Exploration Vessel Nautilus

Oct 24, 2018

MetroWest YMCA School’s Out Natick students “board” the  Exploration Vessel Nautilus and learn from  National Geographic Explorer and Education Fellow Joe Grabowski

The MetroWest YMCA is pleased to announce that our Schools Out Natick site was selected as one of six sites to participate in the live, video exchange with the explorers on board the Nautilus.  Our site was selected because of our focus on STEM learning.

On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, Y’s School’s Out Natick kids went aboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus to learn more about our oceans and ask scientists and real life-explorers what it is like to explore the deepest parts of the ocean.  The kids explored Monterey Bay, California, and spoke with explorers and scientists from the Nautilus.  The Nautilus is a 64-meter ship on a mission to examine never-before-explored areas of the ocean.

In our School’s Out program, we make learning about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, engaging, hands-on and relevant for our kids.  Our focus here is in helping kids build a “STEM identity,” feeling confident they can excel in STEM and see themselves in the STEM jobs of tomorrow.

Afterschool and focusing on STEM activities are important part of every childs educational experienceDid you know here are more than 10 million young people in an afterschool programs today?  Those programs are inspiring students to learn, helping them make smart choices, and giving parents peace of mind because they know their kids are safe—online and offline—and engaged in fun learning opportunities.

Decades of research show that afterschool programs help kids learn, grow, and avoid risky behaviors. The Y’s Schools Out program sparks interest in learning so students attend school more often, get better grades, and improve their behavior in class. Through new learning experiences, young people discover what they love to do and gain the skills they need to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow.

We really appreciate your support of our program here and afterschool in general.  Plesase take a moment and watch the LIVESTREAM VIDEO HERE. 

This was all possible through a new partnership by the Mott Foundation, a long-time supporter of afterschool programs, and National Geographic, one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational organizations in the world.