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Sep 12, 2018

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Welcome Week & Welcome Wednesdays

Welcome Week & Month

Activity Calendar for Welcome Week, September 15-23 and Welcome Wednesdays

The MetroWest YMCA along with Welcoming America and hundreds of YMCAs from around the country is hosting “Welcoming Week,” which takes place September 15–23, 2018. The mission of Welcome Week is to bring together all residents in a spirit of unity.

“Welcoming Week is an opportunity for neighbors and community members to connect, find common ground and celebrate our diversity and shared values. The Y is for all and we believe our community is stronger when everyone feels welcome and we work together for the common good. We’re so excited to participate that we’ve extended ‘Welcoming Week’ to ‘Welcoming Month’!”  said Rick MacPherson, MetroWest YMCA President & CEO 

To welcome new community members, the Y is providing extended times for use of the pool, gym and exercise areas. Activities chosen include ones that are fun and interactive, as well as vital health screening programs based on needs in the community. For example, the MetroWest region has high rates of pre-diabetes, therefore there will be an opportunity for individuals to participate in diabetes screenings and education. There is also a day devoted to raising awareness on the impact of falls on older adults, including how to determine if one is at risk of falling. Below are examples of some of the programs available during this Welcome Month. 

Sun, Sept 16                12:00-2:00pm             Family Potluck Lunch

Fri, Sept 21                 9:00am – 1:00pm        Falls Prevention Awareness Day Fair

Wed, Sept 26               6:00pm                        Atrial Fibrillation: with MetroWest Medical Center

Thur, Sept 27               6:00-7:00pm               Healthy in a Hurry: with YMCA Nutritionist

Fri, Sept 28                  6:00-7:30pm               Family BollyX dance fitness in the Gym

Wed, Oct 3                   6:00pm                        Life in Better in Motion: with MetroWest Medical Center

Additionally, the Y will sponsor special activities on Wednesdays September 19 & 26 and October 3 & 10 from open to close.  For the complete list of activities click here or stop by the Framingham Branch and pick up a schedule.  Anyone who chooses to join the Y during the Welcome Month festivities will have the joiner’s fee waived.  

“Communities recognize the benefits of being welcoming and ensuring that everyone can fully contribute to a community’s prosperity,” said David Lubell, founder and executive director of Welcoming America. “Welcoming Week events are a powerful way to promote cross-cultural understanding and build bridges between new and long-time residents, which results in stronger communities for all.”