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Your Feedback Moves Us Forward

Dec 10, 2018

We rely on feedback from our camp families to foster positive growth so that we are able to meet and exceed expectations of those who are part of our Camp Family year after year. We are excited to launch new initiatives, programs, and procedures in 2019 to expand upon our campers' and families' experiences at our camp!

New Specialty Camps - LEGO Apprentice, LEGO Masters, Movie Making, and Art Creations are all new this summer! For the first time, campers entering Kindergarten and 1st grade will have a Creative Arts option during the summer in our Art Creations Camp! While LEGO Apprentice, LEGO Masters, and Movie Making aren't exactly new, the projects and themes are! TTry our brand new Jedi Master Engineering Using LEGO or GoPro Flix, among others!

Revised Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures - Our goal is to make your drop off and pick up easier and faster! We will start by creating equitable lines so that families can move quicker whether signing in or out. In the mornings, campers will travel directly to their villages with staff members rather than waiting; allowing families to depart faster, while also creating more space in the parking lot for incoming families. In the afternoons, parents will pick their campers up directly; rather than having to wait for a staff member to get them. This will reduce the number of lines parents wait in from two to one. Additionally, this will expedite the pick up process, reducing the wait times in and around the parking lot; creating a more efficient experience for everyone!

Increased Opportunities to Connect with Staff - Parents are invited to meet with counselors and leadership each Monday and Friday morning following drop off. Because parking is limited, we ask that any parents that would like to attend a Meet & Greet at their camper's village to do so at 9am on Mondays and/or Fridays. This is a great opportunity to meet their direct counselors, leadesrhip staff, camp friends, and other camp families!

Additional Information About Your Camper's Experience - This summer we will utlize several new communication tools in an effort to bridge the gap between home and camp! In both frequency and content, we will increase the information you receive regarding the activities your camper participates in, achievement, friendship, and more!

Increased Capacities for Some of Our Most Popular Weeks & Programs - To better meet the needs of our camp families, we have changed our capactities during our peak camp weeks, increased the number of weeks some camps are offered, and extended our End Of Summer Camp to incude the entire week of August 26th.

Comprehensive & Revised Staff Training - Bully prevention is a critical part of our staff team's job in creating a safe and happy place for our campers. Our staff training will prepare our counselors to be able to successfully identify, address, and resolve bullying at our camp.