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Would your business benefit from a boost to employee well-being?  Are you looking for a positive team-building experience to build camaraderie? Perhaps you need a retreat space or want to give back to the community with volunteer service? The MetroWest YMCA has you covered! Our team-building, leadership development, and volunteer service programs can benefit businesses of any size.  Browse our popular offerings below, which we can tailor to your needs, and give us a call today.


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Grow together as many; come together as one! Our team-building programs not only develop solid communication, trust, and cooperation skills but also foster a bond that continues to grow after your high-impact learning experience. Our programs may utilize the sports fields for ground activities, as well as the low and high ropes challenge course. Our team tailors each program to each individual group’s goals and anticipated outcomes.

Field Games And Teambuilding

This program will implement enjoyable cooperative activities which provide participants with a series of challenges.  These challenges are designed with the purpose of having participants work together, build trust and develop skills as one effective team.  The goal is to teach participants, through reflection on each experience, that personal behavior and communication directly affect the outcome of a desired goal.  All YMCA teambuilding facilitators work to provide each participant with a framework of skills to be successful in building positive relationships and developing good communication. 


Teambuilding With Low Ropes

Low ropes programs are similar to field games and teambuilding initiatives but use a series of structures that are low to the ground to give an additional challenge to the group.  In order to be successful at completing a low ropes challenge, groups should have some prior experience working together as a team to accomplish a given task.  Our teambuilding and low ropes programs start with a field teambuilding initiative to ensure group readiness to move onto low rope structures.  Since low ropes require a mature commitment to safety and cooperation, it is necessary to build up to a low ropes challenge course.  

Common Low-Ropes Element Learning:

  • Group Work
  • Problem-Solving
  • Creative Thinking
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Identifying Stages of Group Development
  • Finding Value in Different Skill Sets
  • Celebration

Low Ropes And High Ropes

This program works to strengthen confidence and teamwork through a series of challenges, from elements close to the ground to structures that require a participant to climb.  Participants will have the opportunity to solve problems and accomplish tasks as a team in a fun, cooperative environment.  Our belief is that all participants should leave with a sense of belonging to their group and a high level of personal achievement.  


High Ropes

This program is designed to provide participants with a fun, and exciting day of vertical climbing while building lasting memories.  Participants will be guided and supported by staff and their group to overcome obstacles and ascend to the top of a variety of structures.  Everyone will have the opportunity to accept personal challenges that test one’s strength, courage, and determination.  This program aims to provide participants with the rewarding experience of accomplishing a goal through encouragement and trust in one’s own abilities. 

High Ropes Course Learning:

  • Setting appropriate goals and self-advocacy
  • Creating emotional safety and physical safety
  • Challenging perspectives and overcoming fear
  • Supporting others


Please contact Tyler Reynolds with further questions and to determine open dates / availability, at: 508 435-9345 ext.104 or email at: treynolds@metrowestymca.org