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The MetroWest YMCA provides programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. Our Adventure Education programs foster personal growth, increased self-esteem, and social-emotional learning for thousands of participants annually. Adventure Education creates opportunities for teams and individuals to step (or jump!) out of their comfort zone and into a place of growth in a purposeful way. Our programs are aligned with school curricula as outlined below.

  • Team-building and leadership development

  • Outdoor Education




Field Games And Team-building

This program will implement enjoyable cooperative activities that provide participants with challenges designed to foster teamwork, build trust and develop skills as one effective team. Participants will develop skills for communication and building positive relationships. The goal is to teach participants, through reflection on each experience, that personal behavior and communication directly affect the outcome of a desired goal.


Team-building With Low Ropes

Low ropes programs are similar to field games and team-building initiatives but use a series of low-to-the-ground structures to give an additional challenge to the group. To successfully complete a low ropes challenge, groups should have some prior experience working together. Our team-building and low ropes programs start with a field team-building initiative to ensure group readiness to move onto low rope structures. Since low ropes require a mature commitment to safety and cooperation, building up to a low ropes challenge course is necessary.  


Low Ropes And High Ropes

This program strengthens confidence and teamwork through a series of challenges, from elements close to the ground to structures that require a participant to climb. Participants will solve problems and accomplish tasks as a team in a fun, cooperative environment. Participants should leave with a sense of belonging to their group and a high level of personal achievement.  


High Ropes

This program provides participants with a fun, exciting day of vertical climbing while building lasting memories. Staff will guide participants as they ascend to the top of various structures. Everyone will have an opportunity to accept personal challenges that test one’s strength, courage, and determination. This program aims to provide participants with the rewarding experience of accomplishing a goal through encouragement and trust in one’s abilities. 


Typical Low Ropes Element Learning

Problem-solving, valuing differing skill sets, identifying states of group development, pair work, celebration, creative thinking, and conflict resolution. 

Typical High Ropes Element Learning

Setting appropriate goals, self-advocacy, addressing fears, creating emotional and physical safety, supporting others, challenging perspective, and collaboration. 

Alignment with SEL Standards

Adventure Education aligns with CASEL competencies such as responsible decision-making, social awareness, and relationship skills. 

Develop an understanding and appreciation of the natural world around you through guided hands-on experiences and discovery opportunities. Our Outdoor Education programs foster that connection to nature and the great outdoors. Our programs meet curriculum standards for experiential learning and expose youth to various subjects and experiences not found in a typical classroom setting. Half, full-day, and multi-day learning opportunities are all available.

Survival Skills

This class focuses on what it would be like to be in a survival situation. We will teach the lesson about the seven survival priorities and how to prepare and prevent themselves from being in a survival scenario. 



Students will first be introduced to a compass and its different parts. After they have learned how to use a compass and to read bearings, we will embark on a quest through our orienteering course to find all the different spots and clues!



New to snowshoeing? No problem, this course will help everyone learn how to select, put on and take off snowshoes. Staff will then teach everyone how to properly travel up and down hills safely. Once the group is comfortable with the shoes, an experienced YMCA staff member will guide the group through a scenic trail where everyone can test out their new skills.


Fire Building

Learning how to safely and effectively build a fire is an important skill for those looking to go on adventures. This class will give students the opportunity to try out different techniques, including primitive methods, for building fires.


Animals and Their Habitats

Class participants will be brought through our property as we search on our trails for hints of wildlife. They will learn how to identify different signs of recent animal activity and hopefully get the chance to see evidence of a real-life habitat. In the winter, this class focuses on how animals adapt and prepare for the winter months. 



Please contact Tyler Reynolds with further questions and to determine open dates / availability, at: 508 435-9345 ext.104 or email at: treynolds@metrowestymca.org


If you're looking for the Hopkinton or Ashland before or after-school programs visit Regional Education.