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Closed for the Season

See you in 2021!

The MetroWest YMCA Clearbrook Family Swim Club
120 Parker Road, Framingham MA 01702   




​Summer 2020 Guidelines and Policies


  • Access to the Clearbrook Family Swim Club is available to BOTH MetroWest YMCA Members AND Non-Members this summer. Those with Family Memberships to the Family Outdoor Center may only access the Hopkinton Outdoor Pool. Those with memberships to the MetroWest YMCA Framingham Branch have access to both Clearbrook and Hopkinton.
  • Non-Members must provide their contact information prior to arriving at Clearbrook to be entered into our system. Calls can be made to our Framingham branch Monday through Friday from 9:30am-4:30pm at 508-879-4420 x614.


  • All Members must sign the Y’s new Member Code of Conduct BEFORE their first visit. Waivers must be signed before entering the lobby at Clearbrook
  • Each adult (18+) and/or a parent/guardian can sign on behalf of their children. If they bring a guest, that guest has to have had their parent or guardian sign it for them. 
  • Waivers signed online will be sent to Clearbrook Staff, they will confim this with you when you arrive.
  • Waivers only need to be signed once.
  • SEE SIDEBAR ON TOP RIGHT OF THIS PAGE TO PRINT AND SIGN THE WAIVER, if you are not able to fill it out online. This must be turned in upon arrival at Clearbrook. 

    Reserved Time

    • Due to our reduced capacity, you will reserve time in 90-minute slots. 
    • Use Motion Vibe to reserve your time. 
    • A total of 5 people from your famliy/party are allowed during one reservation. 
    • Capacity will be limited to 5 people per reservation and safety precautions will be in place
    • Time slots start at 10:30am and run through 5:30pm, with 5:30pm being the LAST 90-minute time slot to reserve
    • Check-in time is included in your 90 minute reservation time. 
    • If you show up late, your time will NOT be extended into the next block. 
    • Members MUST reserve their family swim time in advance. Can register up to 48 hours in advance. With our reduced capacity numbers, we’d hate to have you arrive and discover that the pool is already at capacity.

    Entering Clearbrook

    • There will be staff inside the lobby to take your signed waivers and check you in.
    • There will be signage to help maintain social distancing at check-in.
    • A marked table will have additional printed and online waivers to sign in person, but please come prepared with a signed waiver completed online or printed to make the most of your 90-minute reservation time.
    • You and your party cannot enter the facility until your reservation time begins
    • You will be asked four health screening questions to check that you are healthy to enter
    • Once your waivers and payments have been processed, you will be given a specific colored cone to mark your pod (explained below) and can go have fun!


    • Each Family/Party will have their own  "pod" that includes 2-3 lounge chairs and is separated from other pods. 
    • These pods cannot be moved
    • Families/Parties will receive a specific colored cone to mark their pod
    • GREEN cones mean that a space is CLEAN
    • RED cones mean that a space has NOT BEEN CLEANED

    Splashpad and Playground

    • Both are OPEN!
    • Please remember to practice proper social distancing and monitor your children at all times


    • Open date TBD

    Face Coverings

    • All Members must wear masks or facial coverings when arriving, departing, or in other areas where maintaining social distancing of six feet or more is difficult. Don’t need mask in your pod.


    • Members may not bring in any outside chairs. The Y’s lounge chairs will be available and cleaned in between uses.
    • No eqiuipment can be brought from home such as pool noodles and toys.
    • If your child needs a personal flotation device to swim, we encourage you to provide your own coast quard approved floatation device.
    • There will be a marked blue "Dirty bin" to put any of our equipment you used during your reservation

    Locker Rooms/Restrooms

    • Locker room will be available for bathrooms and showering only
      • Changing in the locker rooms is not allowed in phase 2. Please arrive with bathing suits on. 

    Adult Supervision

    • Adults supervising children will need to monitor children at all times to ensure children maintain proper social distancing and adhere to requirements for face coverings.

    Exiting Clearbrook

    • Leave your color-coded cone at your pod
    • Place any used equipment in the blue "dirty bin" by the exit
    • Remember to take all your belongings
    • Exit out the gate by the playground


    • Family Members that have maintained active family memberships through the shutdown - $0
    • New Family members (or coming off hold) - $4 per person
    • Adult Members - $6 per person
    • Youth Members - $8 per person
    • Non Members - $10 per person
    • Cash and credit accepted


    Policies are subject to change throughout the summer.