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Dance Program

The Metrowest YMCA is excited to announce our collaboration with Metrowest Dance Academy to bring safe, professional and quality dance training to your child!

Teachers are trained in the ‘how’ to teach dance and classes are developmentally appropriate, full of creativity and use of imagination. At the YMCA we will teach pre-ballet, ballet, tap and jazz to ages 3-7 on Saturday mornings. We know that teaching with the development and enjoyment of each student in mind is going to help them grow into confident, fit, and happy people.


  • Greater self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved balance
  • Better coordination
  • Gain stronger social skills
  • Instills sense of discipline
  • Learn spatial awareness
  • Targets imagination and creativity skills
  • Most of all fun!



Fall 2020 Programs


Class may be attended in person (limited to 6) or online.

At the MetroWest YMCA, we are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our staff and participants as we return to offering programs. We have reduced our capacity, and modified our activities to allow for social distancing and limited the amount of sharing of equipment. For more information about Dance, please contact Cody Ross at or (508)-879-4420 Ext 262.


Pre-Ballet 1

A wonderful introduction to ballet for 3-4 year olds to develop their coordination, musicality, and expression. Each class will engage their imagination and creativity. The class will develop great listening skills as they interact with their teacher and friends.


Pre-Ballet 2

Learning ballet through use of imagination, expression and creativity. Developmentally appropriate dance skills are nurtured through natural movement and more complex coordination, rhythm and control is developed. Students will listen to instructions, gain confidence and build strong bones and muscles!


Ballet 3

A perfect ballet class for rising Kindergartners. Following a Royal Academy of Dance syllabus developing ballet and natural movement through creativity and musicality. Building self-esteem, strength and discipline in a nurturing and inspiring way.


Jazz and Tap 2 & 3                          

An upbeat class for 4-6 year old! Jazz and tap are combined for a fun class developing rhythm, ankle dexterity and strength, greater flexibility and fitness while working on core control and dynamics to age appropriate current music!


Jazz and Tap 4                                 

First graders dance to today’s tunes! Step into this fun jazz and tap combination class to develop flexibility, strength, and style! Floor work, traveling steps and creative dances will make for an entertaining and fun class.


For more information about Dance, please contact Cody Ross as or (508)-879-4420 Ext 262.

Love to dance? Join us as our dance program continues to grow! Click the link below to view our class offerings.