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Gymnastics Program

Fall 2020 Programs:


Parent & Little Gymnastics

Wednesday............9:45-10:15; ages 3-4

Saturday...............9:00-9:30; ages 3-4


Parent & Mighty Gymnastics

Wednesday............10:30-11:00; 4-5 year-old

Saturday...............9:45-10:15; 4-5 year-old


Introducing the sport of gymnastics to the youth of our community. Here at the Y our coaches are dedicated to instilling crucial skills for success amongst our gymnasts. The Metrowest YMCA offers classes from 2-14, starting with parent & me classes to independent classes. We pride ourselves on teaching our gymnasts to develop balance and coordination, plus the confidence that’s won as a child takes on new challenges.

Children will work independently with help from a parent in a fun and play­ful environment. Your child will work on class basics such as taking turns, lining up and transitioning. Age appropriate skills will be taught to improve strength, flexibility and coordination. We are asking parents to participate this session to help create a successful class environment while keeping everyone safe.

4 week session Member $44/Youth Member $54

5 week session Member $55/Youth Member $67.50

For non-member pricing please contact Cody Ross at or 508-879-4420 x262




The Metrowest YMCA GymKats 

The GymKats Gymnastics Team trains and competes under the curriculums and guidelines of the USA Gymnastics Program (USAG). The Junior Olympic Program (JO) consists of levels 3-10 and the GymKats Gymnastics Team offers levels 3-5. Each level contains more difficulty and as gymnasts advance through the levels strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance are expected to increase. Levels 3-5 are referred to as compulsories, where every gymnast learns the same routine on each event. Our dedicated coaches work vigorously with our team to challenge, support, and encourage their growing interest in the sport of gymnastics. Tryouts for our GymKats happen in the early summer months, practices run during the summer and throughout the academic year. Competition season runs from September into May. 

For more information about our GymKats please reach out to:
Cody Ross at or call 508-879-4420 x262



Please contact Cody Ross at or 508-879-4420 x262