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Adult Wellness Programs

Whether you are just getting started or ready to take your fitness to a new level, we have a program designed specifically for you. Small group training programs and specialty fitness classes offer every member the support and guidance needed to achieve their goals. 


Cycle Power

Improve your cardiovascular fitness and lower body leg strength through this high level cycle class. Pre and post power tests will be performed for participants to see their improvement. Throughout the session, participants will work at intensities specific to them based on their power tests. Power cycle is open to all as intensities are customized for you and a class must if you are an avid outdoor cyclist, triathlete or looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Ages 12+

Instructor: Katrina

Family Members $93 | Youth Member $117 | Community Members $186

Fridays............................................6:00 AM

FT (Functional Training)
FT is a fun, energetic high intensity interval training class, or HIIT. The progressive programming will improve your endurance, muscular strength, and power through total body exercises making you FiT.
See FT page for pricing.


Monday - Friday...................................... 6:00 AM

Monday - Friday...................................... 10:30 AM

Tuesday - Friday..................................... 6:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday................................. 10:00 AM

Weigh to Change
Join us for Weigh to Change, a 8-week lifestyle change program. Contact Maggie Lynch at for more information.
• Weekly 30 minute personal training sessions (7 total) 
• Two one-on-one nutrition consultations
• Group classes offered only for Weigh to Change participants
• 2 Styku body scans
• Newsletters, resources, and group support!
Ages 14+
Family & Adult Members $400/Youth & Teen Members $500/Community Members $800




Gauge Your Fitness

Looking to test your fitness?  We have a couple of different ways for you to track your progress and can be used to help you determine your goals.

  • Fitness Assessment.  This physical fitness testing is used extensively to predict chronic disease risk, quantify fitness levels, and assess performance.  It can be used to identify areas of focus for your workout and keep track of your fitness.  Includes: resting vital signs, STYKU scan, and a cardiovascular, muscular, and flexibility test.  Cost $45 (Members only). 
  • STYKU Scan.  This body composition analysis measures body surface area, determining circumference measurements to predict body fat percentages, muscle to fat ratios, and more.  The software can provide personalized plans for weight reduction and chronic disease prevention.  Pre and post-tests can be compared to show measurable changes in body composition that a scale is unable to show.  Cost $25 (Members only). 

Group Exercise

Group exercise is a FREE drop-in program for members.  We offer about 74 classes a week with class sizes ranging from 10-40 people.  There is a wide variety of formats including strength, Bootcamp, Cycle, balance, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba and BollyX.  To assist in determining what classes can best help you reach your goals, schedule a Wellness Consultation.

To learn more about class formats and the current schedule, check out our Group Exercise page.

Youth in Group Exercise.  All ages are welcome to join a dance-based fitness class, Zumba or BollyX, with a parent or guardian in attendance.  You must be at least 12 years old to attend any group exercise class AND be accompanied by a parent or guardian.   


Virtual Group Exercise - Livestream & On-Demand Content! 

We offer up to eight classes a week in a variety of formats. Join from the comfort of your own home! Learn more about Virtual Y


Personal Training 

Work with a certified personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals!  Personal trainers are great to support you in the following ways:

  • Strength Training/ Weightlifting guidance
  • Improving your form
  • Learning about new exercises
  • Learning about new equipment
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury recovery
  • Innovated exercise ideas
  • Exercise program reboot
  • Race prep
  • Accountability

To learn more visit the Personal Training page. 

Prevention Wellness

Metrowest Y is focused on developing and promoting programs that prevent and address health conditions.  We provide preventative programs like Fall Prevention, Diabetes Prevention, Blood Pressure Self Monitoring, and Healthy Weight in Your Child to improve your health; and support programs like Parkinson's, LIVESTRONG, and CardioPulmonary for those who are managing or dealing with long-term health conditions.

To learn more about each of these programs and more, check out our Prevention Wellness page or contact Laura Gilbert ( or 508-879-4420 ext. 232.

Wellness Leadership Team

If you have any questions regarding any Wellness program feel free to reach out to someone in our Wellness Leadership Team.

Lauren Hanley, Senior Director of Health Integrations

Maggie Lynch, Director of Nutritional Services

Laura Gilbert, Prevention Wellness Coordinator  

Katrina Ladd, Health & Wellness Director

Stephen Cano, Full-Time Personal Trainer