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Youth Adventure Programs at the MetroWest YMCA Family Outdoor Center

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  • Nature Skills
  • Family Science & Nature
  • Rock The Climb
  • Family Adventure Club
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Winter 2021 Program Guide




Class - Outdoor Education

Beginner/Intermediate Archery – Youth and Adult

Our Beginner/Intermediate Archery program works on foundational archery skills: identifying the parts of the bow and arrow, how to hold equipment, stance, and other information. All equipment is provided!

Class - Outdoor Education


Advanced Archery – Youth and Adult

The Advanced Archery class provides an environment in which students will hone in on their form, learn range/competition commands, and learn care of essential gear such as stringing, waxing, & re-fletching. To participate you MUST have instructor approval or schedule an audition with staff (call to arrange).


Class - Outdoor Education

Try Archery – Youth and Adult

Come and try archery! Check it out before signing up for classes, or learn all the range rules, and basics of shooting before reserving a lane to practice on your own!


Family Event - Outdoor Education

Archery Range time reservations

If you have taken archery classes here, or attended a try archery event, you may reserve an archery range lane for supervised practice time for up to 1 hour per family (up to 4 people per family).  (Must be on approved reservation list)


Family Event - Outdoor Education

Climbing Wall reservations

The indoor climbing gym is open to climbers of all ages, shapes, and sizes. If you can be appropriately harnessed, you may climb!  Families of up to 4 may reserve a climbing wall section for a 50 min. climbing block.  Each wall section will include 3 different climbing routes.  Anyone wishing to belay must have attended the Adult Belay Class before reserving climbing time.


Class - Outdoor Education

Adult Belay Class

Calling all parents, guardians, and siblings over age 16!!Register for a learn-to-belay class so that YOU may learn how to manage the ropes and take charge of your family’s life line!Once a participant passes the course, you will have the ability to belay your family and approved guests during Open Climb.


Program – Outdoor/Adventure Education

Classroom Connection Outdoor Ed specialties

In addition to the traditional agenda participated in during the Classroom Connections program, we are also offering weekly optional add-on specialty activities where we would take students from Classroom Connections to participate in these specialties.  These specialty activities will change from week to week with a rotating schedule.  Week 1 – Archery, Week 2 – Intro to climbing/bouldering, Week 3 – High/Low ropes course, Week 4 – Outdoor survival skills, Week 5 – Teambuilding 101, Week 6 – repeat specialties


Sword and Sorcery Fantasy Adventures - Live Action Role Play 

LARP Adventure Program, Heroes Academy at Family Outdoor Center

Have you ever wanted to seek treasure and uncover the secrets of the world? Battle brutal bandits, gruesome goblins, and deadly dragons? Find your way through the dungeon and claim the ancient treasure? Now you can in an interactive world of live-action roleplay (LARP). In a one-of-a-kind experience, you will explore community, art, and self-discovery by becoming your own personal hero. Through themed games, art projects, and interactive theater, we will create a world of magic and wonder, go on fantastic adventures, and discover magical mysteries!

What is this class: Learn to be a hero at the Heroes Academy! You will learn how to discover and develop the hidden legend within as you learn the secrets to becoming a real-life hero. Learn a hero’s values, perspectives, and discipline as you adventure through the fantastic world of Etheraz from a new and unexplored area in the story’s world. An afterschool enrichment experience suited for middle school youth and open to all level students.

  • LARP Intro workshop - learn the basics of how to play and run your own live-action role-play activities, make adventures and Discovery your personal Legend TM
  • Battle Comradery Activity - looking for a challenging quest, come and try out some of our team games and puzzle challenges. Try your might and intelligence.  We strongly encourage participants to attend one of the LARP Intro Workshops before attending the Battle Comradery Event!

Who is running this: LARP Adventure Program offers educational enrichment that fosters empowerment. Through 21st Century Multiple Literacies methods we enable action strategies through experiential learning. Learning by doing rather than just conceptualizing. We believe each of us has the potential to be amazing people for ourselves and others. Our goal is for each of us to Discover our Personal Legend through arts-based community and the power of our collaborative imagination.


Battle Comradery Activity

Looking for a challenging quest, come and try out some of our team games and puzzle challenges. Try your might and intelligence.  We strongly encourage participants to attend one of the LARP Intro Workshops before attending the Battle Comradery Event!