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Register for Camp




Members Registration is by Village (age group)

  • Juniors Village:  Monday, January 20 @ 7am
  • Middlers Village: Wednesday, January 22 @7am
  • Seniors Village:  Friday, January 24 @7am

Non-Members - Monday, February 17 @ 7am
7am is the start of online and in-person registration

Framingham Branch Hours:  Mon-Fri, 5am-9:30pm and Sat-Sun, 7am-6:30pm
Hopkinton Branch Hours:  Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm  (first day of camp registration we open at 6:30am)


Click to Request Camp Changes: Cancelations, Additions, Change Billing Method, or Change Card on Payment Plan.  Options only for those that have already registered.


STEP 1: Choose Your Camps

Review our camp brochures and select the camp(s) you want.  You will need to know: individual camp or program names, which branch (Hopkinton or Framingham), and the session dates. Also, camps register by entering grade in the Fall in addition to age.  Please review grade requirements online or in our camp brochure and register your child(ren) accordingly.

We expect a very busy start to camp registration and encourage you to verify or setup your account in advance.  If you wait there may be delays the day-of registration.

STEP 2: Account Login Details

Choose one of the paths below.  Tip: now is a good time to add your credit card in your online Y Account, by clinking on "manage credit card information" on profile page. 

First time using the MetroWest Ys Spirit online registration system.
Members - Go to your Y ACCOUNT, press the blue "Setup Online Account", then click "Find Me" and enter in your info.  You may also call either branch for your login information.

Non-Members - If your family has registered for any programs at our Y in the past, either in Hopkinton or Framingham, use the same steps above.  If you are certain this is your first time, click HERE, press the blue "Setup Online Account", then click "Creat My Account."  


STEP 3: Membership Status

  • MetroWest YMCA Membership is active through the last day of your camp session or is monthly.  Great, you are ready to register!
  • Annual Membership is active but expires prior to the end of your camp session.  Follow the steps below for expired memberships.
  • Expired MetroWest YMCA Membership - call or visit a branch to renew your membership.  

*To register at the member rate your membership MUST be active through the last day of camp.  

Joining as a New Member or Re-Joining?

  • Visit either the Framingham Branch or Family Outdoor Center.  
  • Be sure to bring photo ID and debit/credit card or check.  
  • Click Here to learn about our rates, download a membership application and more.
  • The Family Outdoor Center Membership which includes Hopkinton camp rates for your campers, Family Swim Club in Hopkinton and many other opportunities. 

Registration for non-members begins 2/17/2020 online and in our branches.  If you don't have an online account simply click here, visit, or call a branch to set one up.


STEP 4: Register Your Camper

Click on "Register" at the top of our website to begin

Online Tips

  • Online registration is a completely new system!  Watch the How-To Video 
  • Before selecting camps, add the credit card(s) you want to use for payment.
  • For each child, complete separate reservations and checkout so you confirm their spots before continuing to another child.
  • The drop-down box at the top of the page that will allow you to choose between Juniors, Middlers, Seniors, Transportation, Extended Care, and Framingham Camps.
  • You will first "Reserve" your choices per "class" (camp, extended care, transportation), then "Checkout" to move them to the Shopping Cart.
  • Online will hold your reservations for about 20 minutes before timing out and canceling
  • You are not registered until you complete your payment online and see the confirmation page.  
  • You will receive an email from ycampoffice or membership with basic camp information.
  • Before the following morning you will receive an emailed receipt/invoice that confirms your payment.
  • Our invoices are not as detailed as desired. You can always go back into your account, click Register, and review the grayed out checkboxes that indicate your current registrations.  (assuming you have made a payment).


Important Registration Notes

  • You will be required to pay a $25 deposit / per week of camp / child.  
  • Fees for Extended Care and Bus Transportation will be due in full at time of registration.  
  • If you need a bus for both directions (AM and PM) you will need to select both AM and PM
  • If registering for Hopkinton Camp and Extended Care in the Framingham the bus is incluced.
  • You may register at one of our two branches however you may have to wait in line and/or risk being waitlisted on a particular camp. 
  • Registrations are done live and may not be dropped off or mailed in.


STEP 5: Choose a Payment Option 

Payment Options
We have many payment options available - Click here to view our payment options.  You will choose your payment/billing method during registration online or in-person.

Change An Existing Billing Method 
If you are already registered and need to change your billing method or change the credit card attached to an Auto-Charge please choose the camp option below for the location your child attends.  If your child is at multiple locations, choose just one and we will apply the change to all.

Hopkinton Camps 

Gymnastics, Clearbrook, and My First Summer Camps

Camp OCP and Y STEM Camp



STEP 6: CampDoc Account

The MetroWest YMCA continues its partnership with CampDoc; a secure online service that brings ease and convenience to completing your child’s additional registration information, uploading health records/physical exams and much more. 

CLICK HERE to watch our video on How to Setup Your CampDoc Account

  • Starting mid-February and within 2-3 weeks of registration you will receive an email that has a link labeled "Accept Invite" to CampDoc.  
  • If you already have an account, follow instructions to access your account. If a new user, after clicking the link you will use your email address as the user name and if you create your own password at this time.
  • If your child was a camper here last year, your information has been saved in CampDoc and you will only have to make sure that your information is current and up to date.
  • All CampDoc information is due no later than June 15th.  Registrations are in jeopoardy of cancelation if your CampDoc account is less than 100% complete after June 1.  
  • After the 3 week deadline, all information must be provided at the time of registration; including but not limited to physicals/immunizations, medication authorizations, allergy plans, etc.
  • Registrations will not be considered complete and children will not be able to attend until all forms and documents are provided.



  1. Families will be immediately charged a non-refundable deposit of $25 per week per child.
  2. Prior to April 1, you may transfer your deposit to other camp programs. After April 1, deposits are non-transferrable. Remaining fees may be refunded less deposit.
  3. Cancellations must be made prior to June 15th to receive a full refund less deposit. After June 15th there will be no refunds, credits or money transfers of any kind for withdrawal, failure to attend registered sessions, or partial attendance.
  4. A YMCA credit or refund less deposit will be issued if a participant is unable to attend camp due to a prolonged illness lasting 3 days or more. This request must be made prior to the end of the camps session and must be accompanied by a doctor’s note.          
  5. All requests for changes to my child’s camp registration must be done in writing via email or letter to the correct camp office. Changes require a 2 week notice and not considered completed until confirmed in writing from the camp office.
  6. All previous Y balances must be paid prior to camp registration. If any Y past due balance is unpaid, your child’s spot in camp will be forfeited and they will not be able to attend. There will be no refunds, credits or pro-rating for missed days.
  7. Families who have registered at our member rate must keep their membership active from time of registration through the end of the month their children are participating in camp. Memberships may not be placed on hold.
  8. All information collected is kept securely by the YMCA. Credit/Debit card information is not accessible by YMCA staff and is kept in a secure system
  9. There will be a $10 late pick up fee per child for the first 10 minutes late. You will be charged $5 for every 5 minutes after.
  10. If your child is on a waitlist we will contact you if an opening is available. Full tuition will be due at the time of enrollment. Waitlists are monitored regularly.



Financial Assistance, Voucher, and Contracted Slots

  • Families with children who are currently enrolled in Y programs on EEC financial aid through vouchers and contracted slots will not be required to make payments at the time of registration.  Families not currently enrolled at the Y that are receiving EEC financial aid including Vouchers and Contracted slots should contact our camp office before registration.  
  • If your child is currently on a voucher/contracted slot at the MetroWest YMCA or previously had a summer only voucher for the MetroWest YMCA, you will be contacted by our business office. Deposit is not required. If you have a voucher outside of the MetroWest Y, your existing voucher must be provided before registration for the deposit to be waived or you are responsible for leaving a $25 deposit per session per child.
  • Families who need or will be using YMCA Financial Assistance will need to pay deposits at the time of registration.  We recommend that families interested in using YMCA financial aid through Y-Assist contact our camp office before registration.
  • Sessions are not held or reserved. We sell camp sessions on a first-come, first-served basis.




Dependent Care Tax Info

Information on how to find the Y's Tax ID number and your childcare / summer camp related costs.