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1. Please review payment options, expectations and policies prior to registering for camp. During registration, you will be asked to agree to the "payment and cancellation policy" listed below. 

2. Log into your MetroWest Y Account or Create an Account.

MEMBER? log in to your account with your member user name and password so that you receive the member rate for camp.  (If you forgot your password, please click "forgot password" to recieve an email to reset. DO NOT create a new account, this will duplicate your account and will not be linked to your membership discount.)

NOT A MEMBER? If you have registered for MetroWest Y programs in the past as a non-member, log into your account. If you are new, create an account.

We recommend that you become a member first to take advantage of member pricing. Visit our membership page.



3. Navigate to the camp of your choice and click the REGISTER button (righthand sidebar on each camp page). IMPORTANT: Register based on the GRADE your child will enter in Fall 2022.

4. If you would like additional help, please watch a short video (below) to give you an example of how to navigate the registration system. 

5. Once registered, you will automatically receive a receipt by email.

6. By April 1, you will receive an email with information about how to access our camper portal, CampDocs, to upload required information (see below for details).


7. If you need to make an changes or cancellations to your camp weeks, please send details in writing to


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Licensing and Accreditation


This camp complies with the regulations of the MA Department of Public Health, and is licensed by the local Board of Health. Parents may call the camp to request copies of background checks, health care, and discipline policies, as well as the procedures for filing grievances. All staff and volunteers are subject to SORI and CORI checks by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.



** Please note, there was a misprint in the original camp guide. Below is the accurate membership information. **

Framingham Family Memberships: (Best Value!) You receive the family rate on all camps and priority registration. You have access to the Framingham Branch facility and the Family Outdoor Center in Hopkinton. Benefits of membership include:

  • Priority registration on camps and seasonal programs (swim lessons, water aerobics, youth enrichment, and youth sports, etc.)
  • More than 45 in-person and virtual small group exercise classes per week, including Cycle, Pilates, Yoga, Strength training, and more
  • Free childcare while you exercise
  • Members-only open swim and open gym
  • Free weekly archery and indoor rock climbing at the Family Outdoor Center
  • Discounts on Kids Vacation Weeks and Parents Nights Out events
  • Discounts on seasonal special events at the YMCA 
  • Access to other Ys nationwide (call ahead to check)
  • and more! 

Learn more about MEMBER BENEFITS.

Hopkinton Family Membership: Member rates and priority registration on Hopkinton camps only, as well as access to the Family Outdoor Center (FOC) and member programming at the FOC.

Youth/Teen Memberships: Pay the youth rate for summer camps. Your child will also receive member rates for all programs at both the Framingham and Family Outdoor Center Branches. FOC Family Swim Club and FOC Member benefits are not included.

Non-Members=Community Members: You do not need to have a membership to participate in YMCA camps. Community Members are welcome to register for many programs. At the Community Member rate, you do not have access to any YMCA facility except for during the programs you might register.

Camp Fees: To receive the member rate for camp, your child must have an active membership with the MetroWest YMCA from the time of registration through the end of the month that they are participating in camp. Memberships that are canceled prior to this date will be charged the non-member rate.

Please note: Due to the camp being closed on Monday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day, the Week 2 price will be prorated at four days.



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All options require a $25/wk deposit ($50/2wk session) at time of registration. AM/PM Care and busing is paid in full at time of registration

1) Payment automatically set to charge your CC three weeks before each week of camp

2) Pay in full at time of purchase


1) Families are charged a non-refundable deposit of $25 per week, per child.

2) Prior to April 1, you may transfer your deposit to other camp programs. After April 1, deposits are non-transferrable. Remaining fees may be refunded without deposit.

3) Cancellations must be made prior to May 31 to receive a full refund without deposit. After May 31 there will be no refunds, credits, or money transfers of any kind for withdrawal, failure to attend registered sessions, or partial attendance.

4) After June 1, new camp registrations must be done in person by coming into the branch. All CampDoc forms will be filled out at the time of registration - please bring all required physicals and forms with you. Payment for camp must be made a minimum of 3 weeks in advance from the first day of attendance.

5) A YMCA credit or refund without deposit may be issued if a participant is unable to attend camp due to a prolonged illness/injury lasting 3 days or more. This request must be made prior to the end of the camp session and must be accompanied by a doctor’s note.

6) All requests for changes to camp registrations must be done in writing via email or letter to the correct camp office. Changes require a 2-week notice and are not considered completed until confirmed in writing from the camp office.

7) All previous Y balances must be paid prior to camp registration. If any Y past due balance is unpaid, your child will be unenrolled from camp and they will not be able to attend. There will be no refunds, credits, or pro-rating for missed days.

8) Families who have registered at our member rate must keep their membership active from the time of registration through the end of the month their children are participating in camp. Memberships may not be placed on hold.

9) All information collected when registering online is kept securely by the YMCA. Credit/Debit card information is not accessible by YMCA staff and is kept in a secure system.

10) There will be a $10 late pick-up fee per child for the first 10 minutes late. You will be charged $5 for every 5 minutes after.

11) If your child is on a waitlist, we will contact you if an opening is available. Full tuition will be due at the time of enrollment. Waitlists are monitored regularly.

12) If applicable, all bus transportation and extended care fees must be paid at the time of registration


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If your child is currently on a Department of Early Education and care (EEC) subsidy through a voucher/contracted slot at the MetroWest YMCA or previously had a summer-only voucher for the last two summers for the MetroWest YMCA, you will be contacted by our business office with registration instructions. Deposits are not required. If you have a voucher outside of the MetroWest Y, the current voucher must be provided before the time of registration for the deposit to be waived or you will be responsible for leaving a $25 deposit per session per child. Please reach out to Kathleen Glennon regarding vouchers.


We recognize that families have different abilities to pay. In order to keep camps and programs accessible to all, the Y gives families the option to choose a membership that best reflects the rate they wish to pay for summer camp. If you feel you still need help affording summer camp, the MetroWest YMCA can help. Within its available resources, the MetroWest YMCA will provide summer camp and membership regardless of a family’s ability to pay. Partial financial assistance through our Y-Assist program will be awarded to those who can demonstrate their inability to pay the full fee. Funds for the Y-Assist program are raised as part of the YMCA’s Annual Campaign. Visit member services or download an application online.


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2022 Health Policy

Health Forms: Massachusetts State Law requires each camper to have a physical examination and current record of immunization signed by his/her physician within 18 months of arrival at camp. 

Safety: As leaders and role models, our staff is dedicated to providing a safe and fun-filled experience. There will be at least two people on-site at all times who are CPR and first aid certified. Our staff to camper ratio is 1:5 (younger campers) and 1:10 (older campers) for our camps licensed following the Department of Public Health Regulations. Camps licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care are staffed based on a 1:10 ratio and include certified teachers/educators in the groups.

Pool Regulations: On the first day of each session, the children will be swim-tested and their swimming level will be recorded by their counselor and the lifeguard. If the lifeguard decides that your child needs a flotation device, they must wear it in the pool at all times.

COVID Protocols: The Y continued to provide engaging care and education programs throughout the entire COVID-19 Pandemic. We have been diligent in our safety efforts and have been working in collaboration with the Department of Public Health (DPH), Department of Early Education and Care (EEC), and following the guidance set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Please see our most recent COVID-19 Updates 

Nutrition Guidance: Since nutritional well-being is also a priority of the MetroWest YMCA, the following procedures and policies have been developed:  All food provided by the Early Learning Center and School’s Out is prepared, served, and stored in accordance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) guidelines.  Additionally, HEPA (Healthy Eating and Physical Activity) guidelines are followed. Each snack provided contains a fruit or vegetable, and another food group component.


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What is CampDoc?

CampDoc is a secure online service where you can upload your child’s registration information, health records, and much more. 

What information goes into CampDoc? 

  • Records of physicals/immunizations
  • Medical records and authorizations
  • Allergy plans
  • Authorized pick-up contacts
  • And more

How do I access CampDoc? 

You will receive an email from CampDoc within a few weeks of registration with additional instructions. You can log in with the email you used to register for camp and will be asked to create your own password. 

When do I need to upload information to CampDoc? 

All CampDoc information is due by June 1. After June 1, all information must be provided at the time of registration, including but not limited to physicals/immunizations, medication authorizations, allergy plans, etc. Registrations will not be considered complete, and children will not be able to attend camp until all forms and documents are provided.

Don’t you already have my child’s information when they were a camper last year? 

Information is saved from previous years, so returning campers may only require you to review and confirm the information, or update it if necessary.


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Scamper $348 $390 $470
Camp Carol $348 $390 $470
Bobolink $348 $390 $470
Explorers $336 $377 $454
Bob White $336 $377 $454
Adventure $336 $377 $454
Adventure Plus $336 $377 $454
LIT (2 wk) $499 $559 $674
CIT $320 $359 $432
On the Road $539 $603 $727
Wilderness  $539 $603 $727
Pathfinders $539 $603 $727
Trailblazers $398 $446 $538
Jr. Farmers $539 $603 $727


Horseback Riding $717 $803 $968
Rookies $348 $390 $470
JV Sports  $336 $377 $454
Varsity Sports $336 $377 $454
Art Creations $398 $446 $538
Art Explorations $539 $603 $727
Art Ceramics $591 $662 $798
Art Space $591 $662 $798
Magic Camp $539 $603 $727
Movie Making $591 $662 $798
Creative Kitchen $539 $603 $727
Flight $591 $662 $798
Robotics $591 $662 $798
Engineers $591 $662 $798



Camp Family Member Youth MemBER NOn-MEMBER
CAMP OCP $348 $390 $470
(Senior) $336 $377 $454
Y STEAM Camp $378 $424 $510
(Senior) $371 $415 $500
Stepping Stones $348 $390 $470
NinjaTastics $348 $390 $470
Clearbrook 2 day $100 $112 $135
Clearbrook 3 day $150 $168 $202
Clearbrook 5 day $248 $278 $335
Movie Making $591 $662 $798
AM Care $56 $63 $76
PM Care $56 $63 $76
LIT (2 week) $499 $599 $674
CIT $320 $359 $432


Bus- 1 week, 1 way $40 $45 $54
Hop AM 1 week $56 $63 $76
Hop PM 1 week $56 $63 $76
Fram AM 1 week $65 $72 $85
Fram PM 1 week $65 $72 $85


In observance of Independence Day on July 4, camp will be closed. Week 2 pricing will be prorated to four days.