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Staff Directory

Framingham Branch.  508-879-4420      

Branch Executive Director

Lisa Mandozzi


Director of Health Integration

Lauren Hanley


Membership Director

Aura Hernandez


Health and Wellness Director

Katrina Ladd


Assistant Wellness Director                             

Prevention Wellness Coordinator

Meryl Bantefa

Laura Gilbert

x 292


Director of Nutrition Services

Maggie Lynch


Association Director of Aquatics Instruction, 
Child Protection & Workforce Development

Sahara Adams



Youth & Teen Programs Director

Dylan Ramsdell


Director of Family Engagement

Director of Youth Sports & Physical Education

Jen Hyman





Business Manager

Arlete Wilson







Family Outdoor Center Staff 508-435-9345    
Director of Operations & Camp Allan Gillis x105
Business Manager & Camp Registrar Cori Merchant x110
Adventure & Outdoor Education Coordinator Tyler Reynolds x104


Early Education & Schools Out Staff 508-879-4420    

Executive Director of Education

Heidi Kaufman

x266, 508-876-6070

Director of Early Learning Center


x251, 508-665-2700

Out-of-School Time Director

Greg Dustin


Director of Inclusion 

Laina Abolfazi

x244, 508-876-6072

Project ABC Coordinator 

Ashleigh O'Halloran


Director of Family Services

Kathleen Glennon

x246, 508-876-6068

Education Billing Coordinator

Yanessa Mendez 

x268, 508-876-6071


School's Out Staff 508-435-9345    
Out-of-School Time Director Greg Dustin 508-876-6096
Out-of-School Time Asst. Director Emmett Prescott 508-876-6107
School's Out Site Director ● Ashland Jesus Addarich 508-876-6106
School's Out Site Director ● Elmwood Fynn Bailey 508-665-1320
Schoo'ls Out Site Director ● Framingham Ken DeLorey 508-665-1321
School's Out Site Director ● Hopkins Zach Sullivan 508-876-6108
School's Out Site Director ● Marathon pending
School's Out Site Director ● Natick 
Sophie Guidi


Association Resource Center Staff 508-879-4420    
President & CEO Rick MacPherson x227
Chief Operating Officer Jeanne Sherlock x220
Chief Financial Officer Sean McGourty x221
Chief Development Officer Peter Waisgerber x270
Director of Annual Giving Amy Miller x253
Chief Human Resources Officer Deborah Minori x224

Building & Grounds Director

Peter Deforge x233