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Juniors Village

Age 3 to Entering 2nd Grade



Traditional Camps Sample Schedule

8:30-9:00         Arrival
9:00-9:15         Village Huddle
9:20-10:15       Block 1: Archery
10:20-11:05     Block 2: Music
11:20-12:05     Block 3: Lunch
12:20-1:05       Block 4: Arts & Crafts
1:20-2:05         Block 5: Instructional & Recreational Swim
2:20-3:05         Block 6: Sports
3:20-3:35         All Camp Flag Ceremony
3:35-4:00         Dismissal



Ages 3-4
9:00a.m. - 1:00p.m (Half Day Program)

Our youngest campers receive the perfect introduction to the camp and group experience during this half day program.  Chipmunks will spend their days enhancing their social skills, developing friendships, and exploring the great outdoors.  They will participate in a daily recreational swim, engage in group games, and attend traditional camp activities such as arts & crafts and music.  Please Note: Chipmunk campers must be potty trained.  Parents must also provide all transportation to and from camp.  AM Care is available for Chipmunks in Hopkinton only.



Age 3 to Entering Pre-K
The full day camp experience for our young campers is a magical one!  Scamper campers get a little taste of everything as they are exposed to the wonders of camp and the outdoors.  Each day, Scampers participate in traditional camp activities which include one daily swim block that is both instructional and recreational.  You will be amazed by the development of your camper’s social, emotional, and physical wellbeing after their time in Scamper!


Camp Carol

Entering 1st Grade
After a busy first year of school, come and spend the summer the way it was meant to be; outside with games, activities, friends, and fun!  Campers in this program are taught the importance of friendship, teamwork, and community; while gaining their own independence as they discover their varying interests.  Camp Carolers engage in traditional camp activities such as canoeing, drama, nature, and music as well as participate in daily instructional and recreational swim.


Camp Bob-O-Link

Entering 2nd Grade
Self-confidence and independence are really starting to shine through in our Bob O Link campers during their time at camp. Bob O Link campers put themselves to the test as they work to master different challenges and activities. They will begin to see their improvements and take pride in their skills as they discover what activities they are drawn to. Campers will foster relationships and create memories as they participate in traditional camp activities with a focus on skill development and progression. Bob O Link campers will also engage in both instructional and recreational swim day.




The Metrowest YMCA Specialty Camps are designed to give campers a unique experience in a specific area of interest while also providing an opportunity for recreational swim and traditional camp activities each day. 



Art Creations            

Entering Grades 1-2, One Week Sessions

Weeks 3, 4, 6 & 8

Your camper’s inner artist will be drawn out during a week of arts and craft fun!  Campers will have an opportunity to explore the corners of their imagination as they work on group and individual art projects.  Self-portraits, collages, papier-mâché, painting, and more will fill your camper’s day with one of a kind art creations!  Campers will enjoy a dip in the pool for recreational swim in addition to visiting one of our traditional camp activities every day.



Little Scientists                

Entering Grades 1-2, One Week Sessions

Weeks 2-9                                          

Little Scientist campers will use the outdoors as their laboratory in this fun camp!  Each day will be filled with the examination of our natural surroundings while exploring different concepts through hands-on activities. Campers can look forward to fun and engaging projects that range from building an erupting volcano to creating earthquake-proof structures!  Little Scientists will participate in recreational swim and at least one traditional camp activity every day.


LEGO with Play-Well TEKnologies                     

Entering Grades 1-2, One Week Sessions

June 29-July 3            Intro to STEM with LEGO materials

July 20-24                   Animal Architects with LEGO materials

Join us for LEGO Apprentice camp!   Resourcefulness, creativity, and cooperation come together in this unique building camp.  Campers will have a blast, even without any prior experience with LEGO materials.    Campers will design and construct as they never have before with the support of Play-Well and YMCA instructors.  LEGO Apprentice campers participate in one traditional camp activity and recreational swim every day.



Rookies Training Camp

Entering Grades 1-2, One Week Sessions

Weeks 2-8

At the Y we believe in the power of physical activity and all kinds of sports! We also know the benefits of playing multiple sports as a young athlete. Developing better skills as an all around athlete, ability to further build confidence, avoid burnout, and reduce the risk of overuse injuries. In our sports camps youth will have the opportunity to do both! While all sports and new games will be played, youth will also have the opportunity to select the sport they would like to focus on every day with our team of athletics counselors! Some athletes will vary in their selections some might stay the same. Campers will be divided by age and sport as numbers allow. Special guests, including coaches, from local schools and sports organizations will be engaged throughout the summer.




Entering Grades1-2, One Week Sessions

Weeks 2-9                                                   

By joining the Trailblazers, your camper will travel and explore every corner of our camp!  Their adventurous and inquisitive spirits will be celebrated as we discover more about the world we live in!  We will work together to learn basic safety and survival skills needed for the outdoors as well as gain an understanding of the complex ecosystems within our camp environment!  Trailblazers will participate in recreational swim and one traditional camp activity daily.


Junior Farmers

Entering Grades 1 & 2, One Week Sessions

Weeks 2 & 4

Campers will begin their day at camp where they will enjoy a traditional camp morning of activities  including  recreational  swim. After lunch they will board the bus to Lil’ Folk Farm in Holliston for a farm experience to remember!  Junior Farmers will learn  all  about  barnyard animals, including how to safely care, handle, and treat them. Campers will also learn how to lead a pony, llama, and alpaca as well as experience the fun pony and wagon rides have to offer!