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Middlers Village

Entering Grades 3-5



Traditional MIddlers Village Sample Schedule


8:30-9:00         Arrival
9:00-9:15         Village Huddle
9:20-10:15       Block 1: Archery
10:20-11:05     Block 2: Music
11:20-12:05     Block 3: Lunch
12:20-1:05       Block 4: High Ropes
1:20-2:05         Block 5: Instructional & Recreational Swim
2:20-3:05         Block 6: Tennis
3:20-3:35         All Camp Flag Ceremony
3:35-4:00         Dismissal



Entering 3rd Grade 
Explorers will participate in a variety of traditional camp activities, focused on skill development, progression, and achievement.  Additionally, Explorers will have an opportunity to foster and create meaningful relationships with their peers and counselors; creating a well-rounded and memorable camp experience.


Bob White

Entering 4th & 5th Grade 
By this age campers are fully immersed in all that we have to offer at camp.  A large emphasis is placed on campers developing skills, building self-confidence, understanding the value of being part of a community, and working together to achieve goals.  Campers participate in a variety of traditional camp activities as well as instructional and recreational swim each day that concentrate on the progression and mastering of skills.






Art Explorations

Grades 3-5, One Week Sessions

Weeks 3-8

Our Art Exploration campers will travel with their YMCA counselors to the Hopkinton Center for the Arts for an afternoon of art projects!  Campers will explore many different art disciplines such as pastel drawing, acrylic painting, watercolor, clay, and more! All Art Exploration campers will participate in recreational swim and one traditional camp activity each day.


Ceramic Hand Building & Sculpture

Entering Grades 3-5, One Week Sessions

Weeks 5 & 6                    

Campers will create pottery and small sculptures from clay using hand building techniques! They will learn about glazing and creating surface detail as they make sculptures, masks, creatures and pottery they can use. Ceramic campers will participate in recreational swim and one traditional camp activity each day before travelling to the Hopkinton Center for the Arts.


Hip Hop                           

Entering Grades 3-5, Two Week Sessions

Weeks 6 & 7 and Weeks 8 & 9                 

Bring your dancing shoes and dance the session away in this fun camp!  Each camper will learn and practice dance concepts, techniques, and moves to today’s Top 40 Hits. Campers will work on individual and group routines, offering their own ideas to the chorography that will be used in their final Hip Hop performance that they will showcase on the final day of the session for their families and friends to see!


Drama Camp      

Entering Grades 4-5, Two Week Sessions

Weeks 2 & 3 and  Weeks 4 & 5           

Lights, camera, action!  Drama Camp is for all budding actors and actresses.  Learn to create a set, write a script, and enhance your acting skills under the guidance of our YMCA camp staff and the talented Joey Talbert, a professional storyteller.  Campers will enhance their craft through improvisation and dramatic games.  At the end of each session families and friends are invited to see their campers perform their original scripts. 

Creative Kitchen

Grades 3-5, One Week Sessions

Weeks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 9

Your camper will enjoy a week of imagination, adventure, teamwork, and creativity in our Teaching Kitchen. All Creative Kitchen Campers will participate in one traditional camp activity and recreational swim every day. Parents with campers who have alleriges are strongly encouraged to call the Camp Director prior to registration.


Movie Making with Incrediflix

Entering Grades 3-5, One Week Sessions

June 29-July 3                   Live Action Flix

June 29-July 3                   Claymation Flix

August 10-14                    Action Move Flix

August 10                           Minecraft vs. Roblox Flix

In collaboration with IncrediFlix, we are super excited to offer new and returning movie making camps this summer!  Each session is designed to offer your camper a creative experience from start to finish.  Campers will work together to write, storyboard, create the action, film, and voice-over their unique and exciting movies!  The movie will be available by download a month after camp ends. 


Magic Camp

Entering Grades 3-5, One Week Session

Weeks 3 & 7

Magician Pat Farenga will teach our campers sleight of hand and other arts related to magic, including presentational and theatrical skills.  Whether it’s a card trick or making something disappear, this week offers a wide variety of fun activities to keep everyone entertained.   At the end of the week, campers will showcase their magical skills for their families and fellow campers in a performance. 



LEGO with Play-Well TEKnologies     

Entering Grades 3-5, One Week Sessions

June 29-July 3                 STEM Challenge with LEGO materials

July 20-24                        Animal Masters with LEGO materials

August 10-14                  Bash’em Bots using LEGO materials       Your camper’s imagination and creativity will be harnessed as they work with both Play-Well TEKnologies and YMCA Staff in this new specialty camp!  Resourcefulness, creativity, and cooperation come together in this unique building camp!  Campers will have a blast, even without any prior experience with LEGO materials.  Campers will design and construct as they never have before with the support of Play-Well and YMCA instructors. 



Entering  Grades 3-5, One Week Sessions

Weeks 2-9        

Does your child love science and nature?  Then Discovery Camp is for them!  Our 122 acres of forest, natural trails, nesting areas, and wetlands are the perfect setting for discovering more about our natural environment and the life within it.  Based on a variety of different environmental and outdoor themes, each week is packed with fascinating activities, projects, and games designed to give campers knowledge and appreciation for nature, the environment, and science.



Entering Grades 4-5, One Week Session

Week 7                              

This hands-on physics camp explores the basics of levers, mechanical advantage, potential and kinetic energy, and gravity. The campers will build catapults and problem-solve on how to change the distance, height, and speed at which things can be launched. This is the ultimate camp for science enthusiasts!



Entering Grades 4-5, One Week Session

Week 5                                             

Does your camper like building things, learning how things work, and enjoy problem solving? Robotics  is designed to enhance a camper’s instinctive curiosity about the surrounding world of machines.  This camp provides an excellent experiential platform for our campers to participate in engaging, hands-on activities that demonstrate concepts of mechanics, motors, and electronics.



Entering Grades 4-5, One Week Session 

Week 6                 

Flight introduces campers to the various aspects of flight in an active, participatory way. While building a variety of model rockets to launch, the waiting-for-the-glue-to-dry periods are occupied with a variety of experiments demonstrating and explaining Bernoulli’s principle. The campers are continually challenged to make predictions and observations about their work, frequently modifying their plans to achieve their goals.



Junior Varsity Training Camp

Entering Grades 3-5, One Week Sessions

Weeks 2-8

At the Y we believe in the power of physical activity and all kinds of sports! We also know the benefits of playing multiple sports as a young athlete. Developing better skills as an all around athlete, ability to further build confidence, avoid burnout, and reduce the risk of overuse injuries. In our sports camps youth will have the opportunity to do both! While all sports and new games will be played, youth will also have the opportunity to select the sport they would like to focus on every day with our team of athletics counselors! Some athletes will vary in their selections some might stay the same. Campers will be divided by age and sport as numbers allow. Special guests, including coaches, from local schools and sports organizations will be engaged throughout the summer.




Entering Grades 3-5, One Week Sessions

Weeks 2-9

Each day will be a new adventure in our camp forest!  We will work as a team to learn and utilize basic safety and survival skills while gaining a greater understanding of our camp home! Campers will also participate in designing and building basic shelters and forts such as: ground level forts, lean-to forts, wicki-ups, leaf huts, and more! It is an introduction to the use of hand tools.


Fort Builders

Entering Grade 5, Two Week Sessions

Weeks 2 & 3, Weeks 4 & 5, Weeks 6 & 7, and Weeks 8-9

Spend your days living in a wilderness adventure while constructing imaginative and one of a kind forts!  As a group, campers design and plan their fort each session with guidance from our skilled staff about structure and time challenges.  Campers learn how to select the wood, tie lashings and knots, use tools safely and properly, and utilize different building techniques with our Fort Building experts.

Please Note: workgloves, long pants, and bug spray are strongly encouraged


Junior Farmers

Entering Grade 3-4, One Week Sessions

Weeks 2 & 4

Campers will begin their day at camp where they will enjoy a traditional camp  morning  of  activities  including  recreational  swim. After lunch they will board the bus to Lil’ Folk Farm in Holliston for a farm experience to  remember!  Junior  Farmers  will  learn  all  about  barnyard animals, including how to safely care, handle, and treat them. Campers will also learn how to lead a pony, llama, and alpaca as well as experience the fun pony and wagon rides have to offer!

Horseback Riding   

Entering Grades 3-5, One Week Sessions

Weeks 5-9

In  collaboration  with  Lil’  Folk  Farm  in  Holliston  we  are  pleased  to provide this wonderful and unique camp experience this summer.  Campers will spend the morning at camp participating in traditional camp activities and recreational swim.  After lunch, campers will board the bus with their counselors and head to the farm. Once there, campers will have daily riding lessons in small groups with a trained instructor.  Campers  also have the opportunity to lead a pony, groom and ride a miniature horse, take bareback rides, and learn how to feed, care for, and bathe horses.    Lil’  Folk  Farm  will  provide  all  the  campers  with  an  ASTM  certified  riding  helmet  during  lessons.  Participants are  required  to bring long pants and closed-toe shoes (preferably with a heel, such as a hiking boot) to wear each day.