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Camp Communications


Registration, Attendance, Early Pickups, CampDoc

CAMP OFFICE or (508) 435-9345 x0
Matt Donato, Registrar & Business Manager


Kelley Ratcliffe,
(508) 435-9345 x101


Text Blast 

We utilize a texting through our CampDoc online camper profile system.  You may opt-out of the texts if you do not wish to receive them via the text message by replying "STOP" 



Online Camp Photo Gallery

You have asked for a better way to see how our camp works, watch our campers learning together, and show every amazing day at camp.  Utilizing SmugMug, our camp folders and galleries are password protected.  Camp parents and guardians registered in CampDoc will receive an email prior to their camp session with a password.  Parents may also call the office but will need to be verified as a camp family first.  Photos are available for purchase via SmugMug.



Camp Village Leadership

Our leadership team members will be updated as summer draws closer and we complete hiring our amazing staff team!  
Our leadership staff are typically outside leading and coaching our camp counselors and program teams and are not accessible by phone.  They do check email several times a day and would be glad to get back to you the next time they are at their desk.  For daily communications like attendance, early-pickup, etc. please instead communicate via the camp office email above!


Village Leader -  
Asst Village Leader - 
Scamper Captain - 
Camp Carol Caption - 


Village Leader - 
Asst Village Leader - 
Bobolink Captain - 
Explorers Captain -  
Bob White Captain - 



Village Leader - 
LIT Director - 
CIT & Cadet Director - 


Village Leader - 
Asst Village Leader - 
STEM Captain - 
Athletics Captain - 

Pioneers Captain -