Camp Online Registration How-To Video | Metrowest YMCA | MetroWest YMCA


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Start::   Login & Account   

1:20::   Contact & Membership Review    

3:05::   Add or View Credit Card  

3:55::   Branch & Camp Selection
*how to find camp, extended care, and transportation options

5:45::   Critical Registration Guidelines  
*most critical steps and notes regarding steps to reserve correctly

6:55::    Camp Week Selection & Age vs Grade Requirement   

10:20::  Understanding Charges & Deposits   

10:50::  Understanding Reserve vs Checkout  

11:30::  Extended Care & Bus   

14:45::  Reserve, Checkout, Cart   

15:45::  Checkout      

16:25::  Payment Options

22:15::  Conirmation & Next Steps 

23:30:: Verify Your Camp Week Choices
 *Note - When adding additional weeks, you wont' see an "Add Week" button.  Instead, just start selecting and register!