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Challenge yourself through sport and movement!

The MetroWest YMCA Summer OLY Challenge will take place from July 28 - August 11 at the Framingham Branch. Over the course of two weeks, you're invited to participate in as many or as few events as you'd like while earning medals/raffle tickets along the way.

This event is a fun opportunity to set new goals and enjoy friendly competition with a family member or a buddy. We hope to see you there!




How It Works

There isn't a minimum/maximum number of events you need to participate in, but keep in mind that you'll have more chances to earn medals the more events you compete in. Sports will have a Gold, Silver, and Bronze standard, and every medal you earn will be entered into a raffle. We'll also hold Group Challenge Days (see below for the schedule). 

If you have questions, please contact Katrina Ladd:

Opening Ceremony

To kick off the Summer OLY Challenge, we'll be holding an Opening Ceremony on Monday, July 29 from 4pm - 6pm. Come meet your fellow participants, enjoy some food, and start competing! We will be offering basketball, volleyball, weightlifting, rowing, shuttle run, long jump, boxing, and ping pong. 

You can also join us for our Closing Ceremony on Sunday, August 11 from 11am - 1pm to celebrate your achievements!  

Group Challenge Days

Group Challenge Days will have multiple events available for you to try/perform. Here's the schedule:

Tuesday, 7/30: 9am - 11am
Wednesday, 7/31: 5pm - 7pm
Thursday, 8/1: 10am - 12pm
Saturday, 8/3: 9am - 12pm
Monday, 8/5: 10am - 12pm
Tuesday, 8/6: 5pm - 7pm
Wednesday, 8/7: 9am - 11am
Thursday, 8/8: 4pm - 6pm
Friday, 8/9: 10am - 12pm

Sign Up Online

Ready to compete and have some fun with us? Sign up today!



Do I have to participate by myself?

No. You're welcome to participate individually or as a team of two.

For teams, one member can compete in the whole event, or you can split the event between each team member.

Is there a fee?

No! This is a free event for MetroWest Y members. 

When should I sign up by?

There is no registration deadline; however, anyone who signs up by July 11 will receive a free shirt.

How do I keep score?

Once you've signed up, you will receive a scorecard to keep track of all the points you accumulate throughout the challenge. You can also download a copy of the scorecard here: