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The Y is a cause-driven organization that is for youth development, for healthy living and for social responsibility. We focus our programs into these three key areas because nurturing the potential of kids, helping people live healthier, and supporting our neighbors are fundamental to strengthening communities.


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We are pleased to announce our Fall 2020 programming! 

This fall, we are offering three sessions. Member registration begins Friday, September 4th for the Fall 1 Season. Non-Member registration is Wednesday, September 9th. Please check out our virtual program guide to learn about classes and programs offered for you and your family. If you'd like to download the program guide, click here and it will take you to where the guide was created. 


Program and Facility Operations

  • Who can stay and watch a class? 
    • We are encouraging our families to limit the number of people they bring into the building with them, and ask that you only bring the family members that need to come.
  • Can parents watch the class? 
    • Yes, but maybe not in the same space. Swim lessons may be viewed from the pool deck (space permitting), the pool viewing area, or the upstairs lobby. Parents of participants in the gymnasium, studio, turf, etc. may watch from the bleachers or wait in the hallway/lobby. 
    • We are asking all parents to self-social distance and to make sure that you are always 6ft. apart while waiting for your participant.
  • Does everyone have to wear a mask?
    • Yes, everyone must wear a mask while in the building. Unless you are in a program that has approval to not wear a mask and are 14 feet apart.
  • Does my child need to wear a mask during the program? 
    • For all participants on land the answer is yes. If you are taking a swim lesson you will wear your mask onto the pool deck, but will take it off when you get to your class in the water.
  • Is hand sanitizer available?
    • Yes, please use it as soon as you enter into the YMCA. Additional hand sanitizers are mounted throughout the facility for your safety.
  • Is there certain ways to enter and exiting the building?
    • Yes, please enter through our main entrance. Our friendly welcome center staff will greet you and ask you a few COVID-19 related questions before fully entering the facility. 
    • Follow the signs and arrows ... they will guide you in the safest direction!
  • Can I use the locker room?
    • Yes, Men's & Women's locker room (18+) are available for changing only.
    • Family locker room is available for showering prior to using the pool for lap swim and for swim lesson participants. SHOWERING AFTER POOL USE IS NOT PERMITTED.
    • Boys & Girls locker rooms are NOT available.