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Nourish Your Body and Mind

The food you eat fuels your body and mind. At the Y, we take a holistic approach to nutrition by offering programs that educate, celebrate cultures, improve food access, and help people of all ages build healthy habits. 

Lose Weight and Gain Strength!

woman lifting weights with help from a personal trainer

Weigh to Change is a 10-week lifestyle change program that includes:

10 personal training sessions 
Three group training sessions/week
Two 1:1 nutrition consultations
Two INBODY body scans 
Educational workshops
Ongoing support 


Healthy Families

father and daughter cooking together

Healthy Families is a 10-week program that will help your family learn practical ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your daily life. The class meets twice a week. On Mondays, you will meet with a registered dietician to discuss nutrition, followed by a physical activity led by a personal trainer. On Saturdays, you will play instructor-led games designed to increase your heart rate. For more information, contact Maggie at

Nutrition First

two women talking about nutrition

Nutrition First is a 10-week weight loss program that focuses on multiple dimensions of well-being. Learn how to create a successful relationship with food and create pathways for achieving your goals of balance, mindfulness, and sustained progress. This program includes:

Two 1:1 nutrition consultations
Two meal prep workshops
Six guided group nutrition sessions
A journal to help track progress


Consult with an Expert

Unlock your path to optimal health with our nutrition consultations, led by experienced registered dietitians. Whether you prefer virtual convenience or in-person guidance, our consultations empower you to evaluate your current habits and forge a roadmap towards healthier living. Our comprehensive one-hour initial evaluation delves into your unique nutritional needs, crafting personalized goals tailored to your lifestyle. For ongoing support, our follow-up sessions ensure you stay on track, offering the individual attention you deserve. With packages available for individuals aged 12 and up, prioritize your well-being today. Questions? Contact Maggie Lynch, RDN, LDN, Director of Nutrition Services:

Initial Consultation

60-Minute Session

30-Minute Session

Cooking Programs

three boys learn how to cook a full meal

Your child will try new foods, learn new skills, and build healthy habits with our multi-week cooking classes for youth, teens, and parents/children. 

One-time Cooking Classes

Mom practices a new recipe with son and daughter

Adults, families, and kids can try new recipes, connect with friends, and have fun creating (and eating!) healthy, delicious meals. 

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