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A Space for Every Occasion

Our Hopkinton Outdoor Center offers a full range of indoor and outdoor facility space rentals for events. Plan your next meeting, workshop, or team practice with us!

  • Recreation Lodge (max. 100 guests, 4,000 sq. ft. with open gym space and indoor climbing wall)
  • Hayes Lodge (max. 75 guests, equipped with audio-visual, small kitchen, and restrooms)
  • Soccer fields
  • Outdoor pavilions and picnic tables (max. 100 guests)

Rental prices vary based on location and time. Contact Tyler Reynolds, Adventure and Outdoor Ed Director, to learn more:

Birthday Parties at the Outdoor Center

Imagine the fun activities of summer camp - archery, indoor rock climbing, ropes course - for your child's birthday! Choose from one of our themed party packages to give your child and their friends a memorable day.

Not Your Average Party

group of kids huddled around a map

YMCA staff will lead participants through team-building activities and field games. Activities can be built around certain themes of communication, teamwork, leadership, or just fun team challenges. Up to 15 participants can participate in activities though more may attend the party.

Slime-Making Party

young kids making slime

YMCA staff will lead participants through the process of making slime (birthday child can choose from a selection of different styles of slime), and participants will be able to take some slime home with them. Up to 15 participants can take part though more may attend the party.

Archery Party

image of boy at indoor archery range

USA archery-certified YMCA staff will provide 90 min. of archery instruction on our indoor range (outdoor range available depending on weather) for up to 15 people though more may attend the party. All archery equipment is provided.

Cooking Party

group of kids posing in kitchen

There are three tiers to choose from: two cooking class options and a chopped-style cooking competition option. Two Y staff are provided for these cooking events.

Climbing Party

boy climbing up an indoor rock wall

YMCA ropes staff will provide 90 minutes of bouldering and top rope climbing instruction on our indoor climbing wall. Because of the nature of the dynamic belay, only one child can top rope climb at a time though other children may boulder while waiting.

What's included with party packages?

The above packages come with indoor or outdoor (covered pavilion) space for a duration of three hours (90 minutes of YMCA staff-led activity instruction, 60 min. of private party time, and set-up/clean-up).

You provide your own cake and refreshments.

Is there an age limit for birthday parties?

Participants in the activities must be 6+ years of age.

What is bouldering and top rope climbing (Climbing Party)?

Bouldering is climbing side-to-side only a few feet off the ground and does not require harnesses or helmet, and multiple children can do it at once. Top rope climbing is climbing up to the ceiling using a rope attached to a participants harness and attached to a staff member.